April in La Paz, Bolivia

Whatever I was expecting from LaPaz, it wasn’t the brilliant blue sky capping the overflowing natural bowl that encompasses the city. From our window in the Hotel Stannum we see the snow-covered peak of Illimani southwest of the city center and the houses under construction farther and farther from the center, rising like the foamContinue reading “April in La Paz, Bolivia”

Good to Know About Italy

It is impossible to generalize about Italy. Every region has its own customs, traditions, holidays, food, music, language. We’ve enjoyed our time in Italy this year, seeing many places that figure in the history and archaeology. The spectacular art in many museums has been wonderful to see.There is a cost to visiting Italy. All ofContinue reading “Good to Know About Italy”

Life in Campania: Vacation Paradise, Daily Grind?

Hurricanes have flattened more than one vacation paradise recently. There are many left, and we are just finishing our stay in Salerno, Italy, adjacent to, if not in, vacation paradise (as in Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri). Our current home ground, the province of Campania, was the breadbasket of ancient Rome, and was occupied both long beforeContinue reading “Life in Campania: Vacation Paradise, Daily Grind?”

Last stop Dublin, and what’s Good to Know about Ireland

Our last day in Dublin was spent inside the National Museum of Ireland. Lyra was wonderful in agreeing to stay with her crazy parents in the museum all day when all of Dublin was beckoning. After visiting many archaeological sites around Ireland we had often read reference to finds made at a site followed byContinue reading “Last stop Dublin, and what’s Good to Know about Ireland”

Good to know about Florence, and Arriverderci

Arriverderci means “until we see each other again.” We will return to Italy in September after cooling off for two months in Ireland. I’ve already commented on dealing with crowds (“Top Ten” post),  so here are a few interim comments on Florence and our Italian travels in general. Arriverderci significa “hasta que nos veamos deContinue reading “Good to know about Florence, and Arriverderci”

Good to know about Scotland

Good to know about Scotland People The smaller town, the nicer the people. Not that people in Edinburgh aren’t great, but it’s a city and you can’t talk to everyone on the street. If you ask a question in a smaller place, the person you’ve asked hasn’t already been asked that question innumerable times, andContinue reading “Good to know about Scotland”

Good to know about Edinburgh

THE Festival If you plan to attend the Edinburgh Festival, I can’t help you. We are leaving the city before it begins, in part because the cost of housing skyrockets and we can’t keep to our budget and stay in an apartment. Perhaps another year we’ll come for a Festival week and listen to lotContinue reading “Good to know about Edinburgh”

Good to know about Northern Norway

Shopping Living in northern Norway is an exercise in planning, because it takes over 30 minutes to get to the nearest store of any kind, and an hour to get to a place with even a very modest shopping area. There are two principal grocery chains, REMA 1000, and Co-op. Their offerings are similar. MostContinue reading “Good to know about Northern Norway”

Good to know about Lisbon and Portugal

This is my last post on Portugal, where I provide a few observations that may prove useful to anyone considering a visit. Portugal is a wonderful place, so very much worth planning your trip. Language How disappointed we were to find that speaking Spanish is of so little assistance in Portugal! For people who don’tContinue reading “Good to know about Lisbon and Portugal”