Riding the ferry along the Amalfi Coast to Capri

I’ve been lax on posting lately and will now catch up by posting a few pictures from some of the places we’ve enjoyed this month. Taking the ferry along the coast gave us a great look at Amalfi and Positano from the water. The ferry stops at both places on its way to Capri. WeContinue reading “Riding the ferry along the Amalfi Coast to Capri”

An Idyllic month ends

I have learned a few things about Ireland in our first month here. Most people are friendly and everyone seems glad to be here. People often refer to our surroundings as “god’s own country.” There are many signs of prosperity,  even a construction crane in Dingle. Restored houses dot the peninsula, usually with well keptContinue reading “An Idyllic month ends”

Summer came on Monday–at Great Blasket Island

The boatman made the quip as we left, “Tell them this year summer came on Monday!” That’s because the weather is never forecast to be as fine as it was on our trip out to Great Blasket Island last Monday. The sun shone all day long. The boat ride from Dunquin to Great Blasket wasContinue reading “Summer came on Monday–at Great Blasket Island”

An Epic Day: Star Wars and Puffins in the Skellig Islands

Had my sister Paula not read in her guide book about an offshore rock group with an ancient monastery at the top, we might never have visited the Skellig Islands. We considered hiking to the top of the 600+ steps to see the domed stone cells that may date back to 600 AD. If thatContinue reading “An Epic Day: Star Wars and Puffins in the Skellig Islands”

You’re where? June in northern Norway

Kjerstad, Norway is a degree or two of latitude north of the Arctic Circle. We have been here two days and already experienced the midnight sun–or as good as. Both nights Jonathan has said, “OK, going to bed now,” and I’ve said “What time is it?” and been a couple of hours off. It’s lightContinue reading “You’re where? June in northern Norway”