Cue the music–Marrakesh Express

Our stay in Marrakesh was short, but we made the most of it. From Riad Selouane, we made our way past the souks (dense warren of market stalls selling everything a tourist could want). I took a few photos of the route as we went, so we wouldn’t get lost. The market is brilliant with colors and polished metal.

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We stopped for lunch in a rooftop cafe over a small square where vehicles park temporarily. We found out that donkeys and motorcycles are the principal vehicles found in the medina.

3.10.16 Mor Day 2-024smFrom the rooftop we could see the palm trees bordering the Jma El Fnaa, the main square of Marrakesh. After lunch we walked over. The square in enormous, with room for many snake charmers, music performers, men in traditional water-bearer dress waiting to take a photo with you, and roving henna artists with their squeeze bottle of henna paste. They will decorate your shoulder, palm or ankle while you wait.

3.10.16 Mor Day 2-037smWe returned to the riad without getting lost, and that is saying something.

3.10.16 Mor Day 2-053smOur dinner was around the corner at a restaurant where I had a chicken “pastille”, chicken in a phyllo wrapper with cinnamon. Our Moroccan cakes for dessert were a bit of a disappointment, mostly all almond paste, though in different shapes.

We fell into bed dreaming of Marrakesh.

Here are a few more photos of Riad Selouane, Marrakesh.

3.10.16 Mor Day 2-056sm

Main floor salon








3.10.16 Mor Day 2-060sm 

Rooftop lounge chairs





3.10.16 Mor Day 2-061sm


Our room:




3.10.16 Mor Day 2-063sm


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