2021 Post-Covid Travel Begins

For more than a year, we’ve been wondering when we could start traveling again. You may already have raised eyebrows if you follow LlywindaTravels, and have roved around the US with us month after month. During the height of the pandemic we moved from Chicago to Ohio, then across the country to Oregon and downContinue reading “2021 Post-Covid Travel Begins”

In the Atlantic: Azores, Cape Verde, Madeira, Canary Islands

I am a big fan of islands, and looking toward Europe from Canada, I found several islands out in the Atlantic that I’d like to visit, including the Azores out in the center of the ocean, and three groups off the coast of Africa, the Republica of Cabo Verde, Madeira, and the Canary Islands. TheseContinue reading “In the Atlantic: Azores, Cape Verde, Madeira, Canary Islands”

Two Suitcases: A traveling retirement. Our new book is out!

Today is the launch of our new ebook, Two Suitcases: A Traveling Retirement. I’ve taken the first five years of this blog, distilled the most important travel-related advice and stories from it, and turned it into a book. Jonathan is my co-author, adding in the nuts and bolts of finding our homes via Airbnb orContinue reading “Two Suitcases: A traveling retirement. Our new book is out!”

Australian Tourist Visas

Australia offers same-day, on-line free visas for stays up to 90 days. We wanted to stay for six months, and found the 600 visa, for stays up to a year. This takes longer and costs a minimum of $140. We decided to go for it. The complication seemed minor, your passport must be valid forContinue reading “Australian Tourist Visas”

The Bahamas Effect and second homes

We are in a gorgeous gated neighborhood, where each house has a view of the ocean, the spectacular Mendocino coast. Tonight as we walked down the street we realized that about 75% of the homes are unoccupied. Yes, it’s Sunday night and people may have gone back to the Bay Area for work, but weContinue reading “The Bahamas Effect and second homes”

llywindatravels–On our way from Peru to Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and back

Those of you who have followed this blog know that the title turned out not to be entirely representative of our travels, as we never made it to Bolivia. That remains for another time. Since we’re starting on the next round of travels on April 15, I want to retire this banner and put upContinue reading “llywindatravels–On our way from Peru to Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and back”