Uluru: A Wonder of the World

We planned to skip the Ghan’s Uluru option (crowds, distance, expense) and tour Alice Springs, where the train stops for the day. We changed our minds when we found that the scenic flight from Alice to Uluru included a stop on the ground to see Uluru up close, a drive around the rock, and someContinue reading “Uluru: A Wonder of the World”

The Ghan: Railroad Adventure to Katharine, NT

We wanted to see the interior of Australia, that vast dry landscape that fuels novel after novel, starting for me with The Thorn Birds, on through the mysteries of Arthur Upfield (The Bone is Pointed). Everyone in Australia knows the true stories of exploration by Burke and Wills, who completed their crossing of the continent,Continue reading “The Ghan: Railroad Adventure to Katharine, NT”

Western Australia: Fremantle, Perth, Yanchep and points between

We jumped into action to take advantage of Lyra’s last week with us. After arriving at our temporary home in Yanchep around midnight, we slept in before going to Yanchep Beach just below our house. The water is deep turquoise blue, and the Indian Ocean stretches to the horizon.Beyond Yanchep to the north are theContinue reading “Western Australia: Fremantle, Perth, Yanchep and points between”

The Indian Pacific Raillway Takes Us Across

We spent a peculiar four days and three nights crossing Australia from Sydney to Perth. The trip included days of being glued to the train window watching the scenery as it went from tall trees to flat, dry, and empty, liberally dotted with kangaroos and emus. On the other hand, we took this trip toContinue reading “The Indian Pacific Raillway Takes Us Across”