Opal Hunting in Coober Pedy

I wanted to hunt for opals. I like rocks and minerals, have years of experience poking around in the dirt as an archaeologist. If anyone can find them, it should be me. True, thousands of other people have hunted for opals over the years and most of them have not become rich. I don’t needContinue reading “Opal Hunting in Coober Pedy”

Uluru: A Wonder of the World

We planned to skip the Ghan’s Uluru option (crowds, distance, expense) and tour Alice Springs, where the train stops for the day. We changed our minds when we found that the scenic flight from Alice to Uluru included a stop on the ground to see Uluru up close, a drive around the rock, and someContinue reading “Uluru: A Wonder of the World”

The Ghan: Railroad Adventure to Katharine, NT

We wanted to see the interior of Australia, that vast dry landscape that fuels novel after novel, starting for me with The Thorn Birds, on through the mysteries of Arthur Upfield (The Bone is Pointed). Everyone in Australia knows the true stories of exploration by Burke and Wills, who completed their crossing of the continent,Continue reading “The Ghan: Railroad Adventure to Katharine, NT”