Covid Houseparty

Arriving on Peggy’s on a Tuesday evening, I was already infectious with Covid, though I didn’t know it. I was there to tackle our storage unit and getting it moved west. The next day we had lunch on the outdoor terrace of a local restaurant, and went to our AAUW branch meeting in the evening. The following morning, on my way home from meeting with a mover’s rep at our unit, I noticed a funny feeling in my chest. That afternoon I took a Covid test, and it was positive.

I felt progressively worse for the rest of the day, my nose ran, my eyes were puffy, I felt feverish and congested. I went to bed. With nothing to do for the five days until I could test again, I rested. Fortunately, Peggy wasn’t sick, and plied me with food and drink. She notified our branch president of my illness. No word yet on who may have become ill.

At the end of my second full day of quarantine, Peggy woke up with Covid. She was hoarse, coughing, and felt sick. She went back to bed. Every day a different symptom has come and gone. Stuffiness, headache, runny nose, chest tightness. On day four I still have some sore throat and cough, but even those are abating. We spend each day alternating between reading in bed and reading in Peggy’s two recliners, one on each side of the living room. In the evening, we watch a movie, before trying to sleep. Having slept most of a rainy Sunday, I laid awake late into the night. Being awake when you want to be asleep is boring, annoying, and uncomfortable. Ask any insomniac.

Our Covid houseparty continues. Tomorrow afternoon I can test, and see whether my infectious phase is over. Fingers crossed my test will be negative.


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I am a retired archaeologist and I like to travel, especially to places where you can walk along the shore or watch birds. My husband Jonathan and I travel for more than half the year every year, seeing all the places that we haven't gotten to yet.

6 thoughts on “Covid Houseparty

  1. HI there , We just had our own covid house party . After travelling through six airports last year we succumbed to the virus after helping out an elderly neighbour who had just spent a few days in hospital .
    I have had pneumonia before so I panicked a bit when the coughing at night didn’t go away for weeks but the most annoying symptom for us both was losing our taste and smell which did eventually return .
    We had just booked four months away in BC Canada and we’re set to start our nomadic roaming again . It was an effort to get organised, packed and lock and leave the house after being there for 8 months but we made it .
    Thanks for following my blog I’ve got some catching up to do on posting.
    It’s a strange lifestyle we have but we are having a blast and I’ve given up trying to work out what the future will bring but we’re living our best lives as authentically as possible and now we are loaded with lots of Covid antibodies as an extra bonus ! Thanks for following my blog I’ll keep a lookout for your future adventures too.


  2. So sorry it got you! I hope you”ll feel better very soon, as you continue transitioning to becoming Californian. Your posts are the best.


  3. Oh no! Everyone keeps saying “it’s not a matter of IF you get Covid, but WHEN” and one by one most of our friends and family have had at least one case. I’m sorry you are both dealing with this rampant virus. I just had my third booster and will be traveling to Mississippi for a week starting Saturday and praying we won’t get it! Most DC folk still wear masks indoors here. What is your new address in CA? Feel better soon! 🤞🙏🥰

    Katherine Kirlin



    1. Katherine, I hope you are able to get to Mississippi and back in good health! We said the same, as more and more of our friends and family caught Covid. The weird thing…I was almost certainly infected before I went east, and Jonathan is not sick. Our address for at least the coming year is 2035 B Street, Eureka, CA 95501


      1. Winifred, I’m happy that Jonathan was spared but how is your Houseparty friend Peggy doing? I know saying goodbye to your lovely house in Peru must have been bittersweet. Did you find a buyer? Keep feeling better! K


      2. Peggy is a day or two behind me in mending, though we are imagining she’ll start feeling better tomorrow. We don’t have a buyer for our Peru house yet, but at least we now have a good realtor. Here’s our English/Spanish web page


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