Last page on Charleston

I will miss the carriage tours clopping down our street, the convenience of being able to walk to coffee shops, pastry heaven, and excellent restaurants. What I will miss most about Charleston are the people we’ve met here. Some are from here, some not. Most everyone in Charleston has been friendly, tourists and locals alike.Continue reading “Last page on Charleston”

Charleston’s Great Outdoors

A car comes in handy once you decide to get out of town, as Charleston is surrounded by water, and though the beaches are beautiful, they are not close by. We’ve tried as many beaches as we could. Every one is an endless strip of white sandy beach unfurling as far as the eye canContinue reading “Charleston’s Great Outdoors”

Charleston’s Historic District

We’re starting to get to know Charleston. Our house is very traditional and located in the historic district. We hear the horse drawn tours clip-clop past the front door a few times a day. Passengers wave if we’re out on the porch. It’s like living in a diorama. We walked to Broad St., and downContinue reading “Charleston’s Historic District”

Out of the storm in Asheville

We are the luckiest of storm refugees, able to spend our five days of exile with our friends Billie and Larry in Asheville. The spectacular view over the mountains from their deck was enough to keep us from going anywhere, but we managed to break away and see some of what this area has toContinue reading “Out of the storm in Asheville”

Evacuation from Dorian!

We settled into our Charleston house, went shopping, and stopped in at the Sunday markets. At the Sunday Night Market, we saw preparation for a TV appearance and wondered who it would be. After we got home and put the news on, we found the mayor of Charleston standing right where we’d been, announcing mandatoryContinue reading “Evacuation from Dorian!”

Charleston, SC

We just arrived in Charleston, swooping in over Labor Day weekend. Hurricane Dorian isn’t scheduled to land until Wednesday or so. It may veer another direction in the meantime, so we’ll hope for the best. Our house here is completely charming, decorated to the teeth. We are very comfortable, right in the toe of theContinue reading “Charleston, SC”