Monterey, CA to Bainbridge Island, WA

Time to move on; the car was packed and we were out of our driveway in Monterey by 10 am with the goal of reaching Eureka, CA in time to have dinner with Amanda and Jim. We stopped in Mountain View to drop off a few more things with Lyra, exchange hugs, and pet Pandora,Continue reading “Monterey, CA to Bainbridge Island, WA”

Morocco highlight reel and a few things that are good to know.

Morocco Highlights Souk hebdomadaire/weekly market/outdoor souk These markets under tents are sprawling, temporary tent cities and a great slice of life, showing what Moroccans purchase. NB: We were warned that pickpockets frequent the souks, though we did not have trouble. The medina of any city. The medina of Fez and of Marrakesh are the bestContinue reading “Morocco highlight reel and a few things that are good to know.”