The Mediterranean Diet?

Rates of adult obesity are much lower in Italy than the US, yet Italians eat delicious dishes (Roman fried artichokes, veal scallopine, eggplant parmesan, gelato, cannoli). How do they do it? I’ve found one way. They only eat lunch sitting down! In the morning, every cafe sells “caffè e cornetto”, expresso and a croissant (notContinue reading “The Mediterranean Diet?”

Art in the age of Post-Truth: Damien Hirst at the Venice Biennale

One stupendous appropriation of archaeology by an artist at the Biennale was the exhibit by Damien Hirst, “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”. This work takes up a total of almost 40 rooms in two different buildings and is not a part of the Biennale but is displayed as though it were an associatedContinue reading “Art in the age of Post-Truth: Damien Hirst at the Venice Biennale”