An update on Home Improvements

I’ve moved ahead with preparation of the suite for guests. Here’s a photo of the partial redecoration. By next weekend I should have most of it completed, though there will be fine-tuning until Lillian and Neil arrive.

Here is stage 1 of the basket wall:     Now stage 2 with better chairs:

I created this wall hanging from mantas that women use to carry babies, and other things.
I created this wall hanging from mantas that women use to carry babies and other things.
This will have a bar and clothes hangars.
This will have a bar and clothes hangars, and perhaps a small lamp shade on the overhead light.

Should I put a dispenser of drinking water outside the bathroom on a stand (in the space to the left of the door) or just a pitcher of water? You can brush your teeth with the local water, but we drink (and make ice cubes) from bottled water. We make tea and coffee with local water on the theory that it is boiled, though not for 15 minutes. Neither of us have suffered from the local water, ever. I drank it full time for a few weeks at one point a few years back, though I don’t remember exactly why. No ill effects, other than the gray hair.

That’s it for now. We are going to Lima on Thursday for doctor’s appointments and shopping. I am hoping to have the rest of our improvements in place shortly after we return on Saturday.


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