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We are planning to offer one of our bedrooms that has a private bath on Airbnb after the first of the year. My pilot guest will be Lillian and her boyfriend Neil over Christmas, and before they arrive I want to get the room as well-arranged as possible. I can use some help.

11.23.15 Barranca-001The bedroom has high windows and I don’t want to put curtains on them because it becomes difficult to open them in the morning. The mattress is a good one, so I believe the bed will be comfortable. I am going to center a hanging over the head of the bed. I have good cotton sheets, so the basics are there. I believe it also needs a coverlet that is coordinated with the hanging, pillows, and a small straw mat on either side of the bed. Since we are on the beach, rugs don’t work very well, and there are some very nice locally made straw mats. The next photo is the space to the left of the bed.


I am having a coffee table made to replace the checkerboard table, but I’m not sure what to do about chairs. The doors of this room are narrow and an overstuffed chair or recliner won’t fit through the door. Small upholstered chairs made here are very low.

I am considering mounting a group of baskets on the wall because it is a large space. I was going to bring in an armoire for the corner of the room, but it won’t fit through the door.


Below is another photo of the space and a couple of ideas I have of patterns for mounting baskets.

DSCN2258sm DSCN2259 DSCN2260

If you have other suggestions, let me know. I am thinking about using natural baskets, because I would like to use quite a few.


Colorful baskets are also available.


You may notice that right now the room doesn’t have a color scheme. The floor is brick red, a common treatment for cement floors in Peru. The walls are white. (I don’t want to repaint.) What about shades of blue or blue/green? Alternatively, yellow and orange to complement the brick colored floor?

Your comments are welcome.



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