The Invisible Week

I completely fell down on my obligation to the blog world during our week in Wheaton. I have almost no photos despite a very full schedule of events.

We arrived from NYC on Wednesday night, collapsing onto the soft bed provided by our good friend Peggy. Thursday, Peggy hosted a Caribbean dinner as part of our local AAUW’s Spice Routes interest group. There was a groaning board of dishes from all over the Caribbean and more than 20 participants. The program is kept to a brief period in the kitchen when each person explained the dish they brought. The rest is experimentation with knife and fork. I loved catching up with friends. (Did not take one photo.)

Our oldest daughter Amanda arrived from LA later in the evening, and the following day we went out to Dekalb to meet up with our colleagues at the NIU Anthropology Department and the Pick Museum of Anthropology at NIU. Another large group sat around O’Leary’s in Dekalb chatting about work and family. Emily and Tim brought their new baby Clara–an absolutely darling baby. (Again, not one photo.)

Bright and early on Saturday we left for Champaign to see our youngest, Lillian, and her boyfriend Neil. We shopped, took a walk, talked a lot, admired the pets (rabbit Gizmo and parakeet Green) and played Trivial Pursuit (I won!). Jonathan grilled steak and veggies and then drove back to Wheaton. We managed one picture. Hooray!

11.14.15 family champaign


Amanda, Lillian, Neil, & me



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