We’re Baaaack!

New York and Chicagoland are great, but it is nice to stop moving after a bit more than two weeks. We arrived in Lima on the night of 11/18 (Wed), stayed overnight at our usual stopping place, the Hotel Senorial in Miraflores, and began our resettlement process with a visit to the Surquillo market, more shopping at the Wong and shopping center in San Miguel and the drive to Barranca. Traffic is worse than ever, the highway entrance near the hotel (Bajada Balta) is closed indefinitely for bridge rebuilding, and it takes a half hour to get anywhere. I was happy to head out of town.

There was some new street art:

11.19.15 Limasma

Lima has been reclaiming land from the ocean for many years and the results are emerging with a series of parks along the shore.

11.19.15 Lima-005sm

This is the “before” view. The shore has been extended outward, but it’s still settling.



11.19.15 Lima-004

The “after” view includes recently planted palm trees, bus shelters, streetlights, playing fields and some sports facilities.


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