Happy July 4, 2015

July 4. Mendo parade-002sm

The July 4th parade in Mendocino was truly eclectic. There were fire trucks from many jurisdictions in Mendocino county.

July 4. Mendo parade-003sm

We missed the presence of a high school marching band, but there was live music provided by people who looked to be about our age.

July 4. Mendo parade-006sm

The California state parks were represented.

July 4. Mendo parade-004sm

There were also political floats, again all manned by um, “mature” persons.

July 4. Mendo parade-010sm


The “No Hack and Squirt” float refers to a logging practice where “lower value” species are killed by hacking into the bark and spraying a dose of herbicide. The problem with this approach is that the herbicide can spread to other “desirable” trees relatively easily, if there is rain, if the cuts in the bark are not properly made. The forest industry views hack and squirt as a highly effective management method. Local people view hack and squirt as the poisoning of hundreds of acres of trees for no reason.

July 4. Mendo parade-009sm

This float consisted of a single table. It was the display of a local custom furniture maker.

July 4. Mendo parade-008sm

This seems to be a parody of old time logging, with a female lumberjack, and a goat hauling a small load of miniature redwood logs.

July 4. Mendo parade-007sm

Parents for Peace had banners with every current social problem–they’re tackling all of them.

July 4. Mendo parade-005sm

Last but not least, this bird walked down the parade route, stopping every 30 feet or so to deposit a shaving cream “poop”. There was also a float of a “llama” that “peed” on the crowd, and a banana slug, but it had run out of slime. Who organized this parade, the 5th grade boys?

We did go on to see the fireworks shot over the mouth of the Noyo River. The pizza was good (Piaci’s in Ft. Bragg) but the fog was pretty thick. The fireworks showed through, they just had an added aura, courtesy of the fog.

7.4.15 Ft. Bragg fireworks 7.4.15 Ft. Bragg fireworks-002


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