Summer Stories

If you ever had a small child, you understand this scene. I’m sure the family that this shoe belonged to passed us on the trail just a few minutes earlier. Whenever this happened with one of our girls, I always wondered what could possibly have happened to that shoe.


Unlike this photo (above), most of my stories these days are related to nature. We have birds all around us and lots of deer.

Near the house, a pair of deer and twin fawns visit regularly:


We have two pairs of hummingbirds, as well, Anna’s and Allen’s (no really, they’re both species of hummingbirds).

Hum2.182 Hum14.099

These are the male (above) and female (below) Allen’s hummingbirds.

Hum7.088 Hum12.095

This is the male Anna’s hummingbird out of the sun (black throat and head) and in the sun (cherry red throat and head). Can you believe that the angle of the sun lights him up like this?

Further from the house, I came across this pair of deer grazing in the field near the cliff edge about half way between our house and Chapman Point on a misty afternoon. The stag seems to be checking that I’m not disturbing his doe. His antlers are still new and velvety.


If that’s not enough, how about plants from outer space?


I’m sure Dr. Suess drew these.



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