Last weekend of Summer

We skipped our plan to see the opera at the movies in Lima and stayed at the beach to enjoy the end of summer. There was a body board tournament–we watched for a few minutes. We enjoyed chatting with the various backpacking young people from Argentina that seem to be moving through like migrating birds on their way north.

En vez de ir a Lima para ver el opera, quedemos en la playa a disfrutar el fin de verano. Fue un torneo de body board que vimos un rato. Disfrutemos conversando con los varios joven mochileros argentinos pasando por Barranca como pajaros migratorios. Parece que todos van hacia el norte.

20170225_115248This is KarelÍ–we struck up a conversation when I noticed her pet parrotlet. She adopted him as a baby with a broken wing. She’s on her way to Colombia with a couple of friends, hoping to stay there a few months and then make her way back to Argentina via the Peruvian Amazon and Brazil.


KarelÍ y yo discutimos su perriquito que adopto cuando fue chiquito con una ala quebrada. Ella esta en rumbo a Colombia con unos companeros, esperando quedar alli unos meses y despues regresar a Argentina por la Amazonia peruana y Brazil.


She let me hold her little bird. He was very cute.

Yo quede un ratito con su perriquito, es muy lindo.







More new developments arrived this weekend. Here is our first food truck in Puerto Chico, serving all the specialties of the Norte Chico.20170226_100523cr

Otro novedad es el primer camion de comida “food truck” en Puerto Chico, con todos los especialidades del Norte Chico.

In addition to all this, we had a party to celebrate the end of the summer season. Everyone brought food, the cuy (guinea pig) was the best! We chatted and sipped and ate well into the evening. Now that school is starting up, our friends may not be able to spend weekends at the beach. It doesn’t matter, we’ll remember this one.

20170225_180437Despues de todo esto, habia una fiesta celebrando la fin del temporada de verano. Todos trajeron comida–la cuy fue lo mejor! Divertimos con chistes y bebidads hast la noche. Ahora que clases impiezan, los amigos no necesariamente pueden pasar sus fines de semana en la playa. No importa, recordaremos este.







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