Life on the Beach


Last year at this time we were on the road, headed for Bolivia (!), Argentina and Chile. This year we are on the beach, enjoying summer unfold. Our daily walk updates us on local happenings, such as the surfing workshop for young people of Barranca going on this week.


Jonathan still takes photos for people.

The local security guard cabin is about finished.


A little girl was waiting for the waves to fill her bucket. It may be a while.


The sand makes patterns as the waves go out.


We watch the sunset most days. On Sunday we sat on the seawall, listening to the waves crash added to the din of music from the opposite end of the beach where the music was going full tilt. There’s a frenetic quality to the late afternoon, related to the impending work week, the close of the weekend, the party winding down. Music from La Choza, a full half mile away, was as loud as if they were down the block. Percussion began to override the pop beat and we realized that a drum group was working its way up the beach, playing and passing the hat. The combination was enough to drive us indoors, but the view of the sunset kept us hanging on. That’s what happens most days.


Can you believe I took this one tonight? No filters or anything. What a sky!







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