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The Boqueria Market is one of the dozen open air markets in Barcelona. The logo and entrance archway in stained glass are considered to be moderniste.

9.21.15-007sm 9.21.15-008sm

9.5.15 Barcelona-002smaSince there are more than 100 structures considered moderniste (anything not strictly classical), I’ll keep adding interesting images. Stop back again. The rounded corners at the top of this storefront are covered with mosaic tile, a feature of Gaudi-era (Catalan modernisme) structures (1880s through the early 20th century). The original occupant was a pasta maker. Today it is a bakery.  The close up shows the stained glass peacock between the doors.

9.5.15 Barcelona-002smcrop

The Antigua Farmacia Nadal is still a pharmacy.


This was a store selling umbrellas. There are medallions on the facade that are the tops of umbrellas.


El Indio is not a politically correct name for a store, and the depictions of “Indians” on the facade are highly romanticized (note the beards and mustaches). The detail is attractive, and the politics of the time seem to have indicated that wool, silk, lingerie and accessories came from an exotic locale.

9.15.15 El Indio.Carme.Raval.15 El Raval-002sm 9.15.15 El Indio.Carme.Raval.15 El Raval-003sm

Another accessories store,


sep.15.15 El Raval-001smHere’s another vintage pharmacy. Notice the two saxophone players carved over the doorway.








This was the home of Dr. Genove. It has obvious Moorish influences, another element in Catalan modernisme.

9.19.15-Casa Dr. Genove.Rambla.15-038sm


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