Barcelona’s waterfront from the sky

The aerial tramway from Barceloneta to the Montjuic hill is a great intro to Barcelona. You can see a little of everything.


First you have to wait to go up to the tramway in a very small elevator.


The views are spectacular.


There is sculpture, a walkway across a swing bridge, and a big mall.


Notice that the W hotel overlooks the superyacht harbor. We saw a crew of about 15 cleaning one yacht. I wonder how many passengers there were? Our yacht would have had to park in the “non-super” marina.


This schooner moors by the World Trade Center.


From the air, the main tourist destination of shaded shopping street, La Rambla, appears as a line of greenery.


Cruise ships like this one stop in Barcelona frequently, as do long distance ferries like the one below that is departing for Italy (Genoa, Livorno or Rome).DSCN0740

Beyond the tram line is a fringe of palms along city beaches that are still packed all week in September.


Some Details: The tramway runs from 11am-5:30 pm through Sept with shorter hours in the off season (It may also not operate from 2-3 pm–lunch hour). One way ticket is 11€ one way and 16.50 € round trip. Only young children are free of charge. It is possible to travel one way by bus. The 13 bus goes up the Montjuic hill from the subway at Placa d’Espanya. The entrance to the tram is a short walk away, in front of the Miramar hotel. On the other end of the tramway, the 64 bus stops just a short way down the street from the tram tower. These connect with the Rambla, and everywhere else in the city.


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