Barcelona is full–of everyone

We arrived in Barcelona after a very long trip from LA via Miami. We were delayed several hours by stormy weather in Miami and as a result didn’t arrive in Barcelona until 11:45 am local time. Our host Joan was waiting at the apartment and we settled in rapidly. I still have plenty of jet lag, but we went for a stroll and shopping at the Carrefours across the street before I lost all oomph. We began to see some of the famous and delightful antique architecture.

9.5.15 Barcelona-002sma

Barcelona is packed, jammed, full to the brim and approaching pandemonium (not really, but it’s a great word). There are more languages spoken in the street than in anywhere this side of Hong Kong. Tourists fill every street and store to overflowing. If you want to know the exchange rate, just listen for a minute and some American will be explaining it to the other members of his party. Cheapest bottled water in the grocery store? Same thing. Perhaps exchange students are moving in for the semester, perhaps cruise ships are in port, but this Saturday was a bit of a mad house.

9.5.15 Barcelona-003b

After a stroll to salute the statue of Columbus looking out to sea, I was happy to return to our quiet 3rd floor apartment (elevator!) where none of the street noise can be heard.


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