We visited two state beaches over the past couple of days. Manchester State Beach is very, very long and sandy, though the path to the beach is not too clear:

8.12.15 Manchester beachsm

We sat on a big log and ate lunch, and browsed through the driftwood for interesting pieces.

8.12.15 Manchester beach-001sm 8.12.15 Manchester beach-002sm

We watched the sunset from the Mendocino headlands. It was clear to the horizon with whales spouting.

8.12.15 sunset Mendo headlands-002sm 8.12.15 sunset Mendo headlands-003sm

Spent much of the next day at Greenwood State Beach, a peaceful beach in Elk, CA. On our way down to the water I saw an animal cross the path. It looked odd, like a brownish dog, but funny-looking. I pointed it out to Jonathan and then it was gone up a side path. Just then, a woman came by and said “Did you see it? The wild cat?” It seems we saw a bobcat. It was bigger than I expected.

Beautiful view of the water from the picnic tables.

8.13.15-Greenwood beach.15-002sm

The beach has a lot of driftwood and even some tiny pieces of beach glass. There is a stream that empties into the water here, and a lagoon behind the sand bar. We saw a least sandpiper. (They are tiny.)


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