Weather, weather, everywhere

You can spend a lot of time trying to figure out whether the sun is coming or going, whether you are in fog, low clouds, sea mist or rain. Here’s the fog coming in:8.9.15 spring ranch-006sm

In 30 minutes it can go from clear to socked in. But 30 minutes after that, the sun can be back out.

How many harbor seals are in this picture? Hint: There are usually more than you first notice.

8.9.15 spring ranch-003sm

Today we had a picnic at Navarro Point, where there is a wonderful bench. All along the California coastal trail we find benches with memorial plaques on them. It is a reminder of all the people who enjoyed these trails and worked to make the system possible. This one has an inscription on a small boulder in front of the bench, so your eyes fall on it as you sit and look at the ocean.

8.11 Navarro Point-005sm

We did some binocular beachcombing. That’s when a beach is impossible to access from the bluffs (you could visit with a kayak). We check them out for interesting driftwood and abalone shells. Today’s had both. I had to restrain Jonathan from climbing down to get it for me…

8.11 Navarro Point-001asm


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