Perfect Saturday, 8/8/15

Today is beautifully clear and warm, unlike the past three days that were overcast, misty with coastal fog, or both, and downright cold at one point.

We walked all over the south half of the Pt. Cabrillo State Historic Monument, taking the hiking path south from the lighthouse. It was a glorious day/walk/view.

8.8.15 Cabrillo Pt.-sm

We saw jellyfish in all the eddies–it looks like the recent round of jellies is receding. We saw cormorant chicks on a ledge huddled together as though they would never fly away. A yellow bird that may have been one thing or another–yellow birds are more difficult to identify than you’d think.



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I am a retired archaeologist and I like to travel, especially to places where you can walk along the shore or watch birds. My husband Jonathan and I travel for more than half the year every year, seeing all the places that we haven't gotten to yet.

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