We turned inland, driving into the woods. There are a series of state parks that extend inland from the coast road (Rte. 101) for ten miles or more if you can find the road. We twisted and turned up and down through the forest, winding down Caspar Orchard Road for almost 8 miles until it met Little Lake Rd. that would around another 10 miles back into Mendocino.

6.25.15 redwood forest-001

6.25.15 redwood forest-006


Stump of an old growth redwood.

6.25.15 redwood forest-004

Some of the hillsides were so steep that I couldn’t see to the bottom.

There’s still logging gong on in some areas:

6.25.15 redwood forest-007

Is that how they fund some of the park costs?

It’s the part of the forest furthest from the highway, least frequently visited, and the area is all secondary forest already.

It was a great afternoon’s adventure.