Valentine’s Tango Show, Feb. 14, 2015

We set out to visit craft fairs today and found that not much goes on anywhere before noon. We started in San Telmo at Parque Lezama. There seems to be controversy over whether the park will be surrounded by a fence after construction that is currently underway. In the meantime the vendors moved down the street. The area was not artesania, but more of a tube socks kind of event, so we moved on to Plaza Italia. Turns out we meant Plaza Francia,, which we never get to. A second cup of coffee in a café near Plaza Italia was followed by a walk down to Plaza Cortazar/Plaza Serrano, where we found tapestry shoes for me and a treasure for someone for next Christmas. There are lots of vendors, of all kinds of things. Downsizing puts a bit of a damper on shopping, however. I’d reach for something and realize it was just like something I used to have…..Great people watching, everywhere.
At 8:15 pm a taxi called and took us to our tango show. We chose El Esquina de Homero Manzi because it proved nearly impossible to select a tango show from the many different recommendations of many people. This one was close to our apartment and no more expensive than any other. Many comments on Trip Advisor describe tango shows as steak and fries with a cheap bottle of wine and a lackluster show for a steep price. Yes, it’s expensive and even our “superior” menu, was limited, but our waiter was attentive because we arrived before the busloads of hotel guests. He whisked out our first course, skipping the appetizer of sherry and empanadita. Jonathan asked where the sherry and empanada were and he replied, “Sherry? You have champagne”! “The empanada”?, Jonathan asked. “You have butter!”, the waiter said. “For what?” responded Jonathan. “For the bread I am about to bring you!” And he did.20150214_204415sm 20150214_215821sm

About 300 people filled the restaurant. We had great seats near the stage, between a young couple of women from Brazil and an extended family of 16 (all ages) celebrating the (grand) mother’s 80th birthday. The dancers and music were excellent, and though neither of us are connoisseurs of tango singers, we liked the female singer better than the male singer. The show ran from about 10:30 pm-midnight.

20150214_230855sm 20150215_000151sm 20150215_000337sm

It was a highly entertaining Valentine’s Day.


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