Last Day in Buenos Aires, Feb. 15, 2015

We celebrated our last day in Buenos Aires by sleeping in and taking remedies for that second (or was it third?) glass of champagne. We learned yesterday that the fairs don’t rev up until noon, so around that hour we returned to San Telmo, this time to Plaza Dorrego where the Antiques Fair takes place on Sunday.


It’s a great fair, with booths around the plaza and up the streets. Stores are open as well, and these sell everything from Chinese carvings to vintage Argentine gaucho gear. Gauchos wore wide belts decorated with coins as a show of wealth, and some are very impressive. I did not even ask about prices, but saw a couple almost as lavish as these:

gaucho coin belt

We stopped for our second cup of coffee/lunch in a restaurant that had a pair of tango dancers perform, a lot of fun to watch more dancing. I give them credit for getting up on a tiny stage in a busy restaurant/cafe and doing a good job. We put 50 pesos in their hat.


By 4 pm or so it was time to retreat and pack. Our taxi to the airport comes at 5:30 am…..and we’re having dinner with our hosts Manuel and Maria, at 8:30 pm.


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