Lima to Nazca! Jan. 18, 2015

Just south of Lima are several popular surfing and vacation beaches. Along the way, you can purchase anything you might have forgotten. There are also some peculiar decorative objects along the highway. It looks like an elaborate arrangement of plastic strips–on a telephone pole sized stand. There is NOTHING on the road to Nazca. WithoutContinue reading “Lima to Nazca! Jan. 18, 2015”

Last Day in Lima Festivities, Jan. 17, 2015

After errands, we went to the Larcomar cinema down the street and saw the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD presentation of The Merry Widow, with Renee Fleming, Nathan Gunn, Kelli O’Hara and Alek Shrader. Spanish supertitles, but the opera was in English! Our lucky day. So does Nathan Gunn look more like George Clooney orContinue reading “Last Day in Lima Festivities, Jan. 17, 2015”

You Are About to Enter Lima, Peru

You don’t really have to abandon all hope, but you are best off if someone else is driving. Lima drivers don’t have much use for lane lines. They like to turn left, or right, from the middle lane if there are three or more lanes. They live for excitement. Lima has many good things aboutContinue reading “You Are About to Enter Lima, Peru”

SO, you want to visit Bolivia? Argentina? Chile? AND, you have an auto?

We’ll see about that! With this friendly attitude, warning you that without every possible paper in order you will undoubtedly be delayed, fined (legally or illegally) or turned back from the border, we embark on finding out what it takes to go from country to country. We now have an expanding file full of potentialContinue reading “SO, you want to visit Bolivia? Argentina? Chile? AND, you have an auto?”