You Are About to Enter Lima, Peru

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You don’t really have to abandon all hope, but you are best off if someone else is driving. Lima drivers don’t have much use for lane lines. They like to turn left, or right, from the middle lane if there are three or more lanes. They live for excitement.


Lima has many good things about it, one of which is public art. There is a lot of new public art since we last visited. This is on Av. Larco in Miraflores.

Manolo sm

Manolo’s is a cafe known for hot chocolate and churros, and pretty good for a meal. Tourist prices, but we split a club sandwich and only made it through half. Jonathan is happy to be embarking on our adventure, though we realize that we are not used to eating out regularly and need to figure out how we will do this. We usually go to a place and rent an apartment, so that he can visit the market and cook. This time we are on the road for quite a few days. Most hotels come with breakfast to get us started.

For dinner we went to Ache, a Japanese place at the base of the Hilton in Miraflores. It is fine for sushi beginners (very fresh, but a small selection). The flambeed roll tasted like lighter fluid, and when I told the waiter it tasted funny from the flambee, he suggested it was the oyster sauce. I don’t think he eats much sushi. The chef sent us a half order of something different and we called it even.

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