Walking through History on Hovsveien

Using the magic of the internet I found, “Tjelsundet: A Channel Through the Ages,” a guide to Hovsveien, an ancient road along the north side of Tjeldoya Island.  This 2 km section  is open for walking, set up with trail markers and some informational signs.

You can see the roadbed pressed into the landscape.

6.23.16 Hovsveien pkc-004Along the way are ruins related to ancient farmsteads that were connected by the road. Today’s hamlets of Hov and Hol are named after the early farms (The stone may be a marker.) 6.23.16 Hovsveien-011

The road connects Hov and Hol. There is an extensive view over the Tjelsund fjord. “At Holshøgda (the heights of Hols) the prominent farmers are buried, with extensive views of their land and the channel.” This peaceful view would make a good memorial.

6.23.16 Hovsveien-005smEvery walk includes some wonders of nature.

6.23.16 Hovsveiensm

A drop of water in a leaf is a diamond.





6.23.16 Hovsveien pkc-007



A huge anthill–there were several. Are we in Africa? The ants and their trails kept us stepping lively along the path.





Hovsveien ends at the Tjelsund church. We ate our picnic at one of the tables in the churchyard.

6.23.16 Hovsveien-016We made the return trip along the road, passing a few of the locals who were agog at our passing.6.23.16 Hovsveien-014

Though the Tjelsund Historical Association doesn’t appear to be as active today as it was when the booklet was published, the English translation is a gem and the trail still has some of its markers. Most sections are still mown and are easy to walk. Other trails branch off. We saw a walker in the distance who entered Hovsveien from another path.

Tjelsundet: A channel through the Ages (1994), by Hein Bjartmann Bjerck. Part of the Fotefar Mot Nord series.



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