I Become a Grandmother

Of course, I knew the baby was coming, I just didn’t think she would arrive four weeks early. Amanda very carefully arranged her four weeks pre-natal leave, went to her last day of work on a Monday, and her water broke that night. Best laid plans, and all that.

The process of having the baby took some time, once the hospital in Arcata recommended Amanda be moved to the UC San Francisco hospital. Amanda waited for the medical flight, but her husband Jim had to drive himself to San Francisco–the flights take no one but the patient. Eighteen hours after Jim arrived in San Francisco, Aurora Violet Haas Woodhead was born. The family stayed in San Francisco for four nights to make sure that everything was ok. Aurora had a bit of jaundice, and was treated with the hospital’s newest device, in-room blue light treatment. She managed to get her arm free of her wrappings despite the effort to keep her wrapped up.

Jim, Amanda, and the baby made their way home on Sunday, and we went for a visit today. Aurora weighed 5 lb. 5 oz when she was born, and weighs just about that now (babies lose a bit of weight after they are born). She’s a tiny thing, with skinny little arms and legs waiting to fill up.

When we met her on Monday, Aurora was busy growing. It was nice to hold her and feel her soft skin, but she was not very interested in her grandparents, she was busy doing her thing, sleeping and occasionally eating, age-appropriate behavior. We’ll see her again soon.


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  1. SO exciting to become grandparents! Congrats to your daughter and family. I know you and Jonathan will love being grandparents. K



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