Men on plinths, Part II

It turns out that men on plinths is not just an Edinburgh phenomenon.

8.6.16 Dumfries-001Surprise!, it’s Robert Burns (again). This is in the center of Dumfries. There is really a passion for Robert Burns. In Moffat, the Black Bull pub that has a plaque on it because Robert Burns wrote a brief poem on a window pane. It also has a replica of the pane.

In southern Scotland, animals are an alternative to men on monuments.

Kelpies are malevolant water spirits in Scottish mythology that are impossible to tame, but if caught, have the power of ten horses. This story was recast by artist Andy Scott as two monumental horse heads 30 m/98 ft high that now stand by a canal in Falkirk, Scotland. The figures have become so popular that a pair travel around Scotland, spending time in many communities. This summer a pair of kelpies is in Kirkudbright (Ker-CUD-brie), near us.


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