The Relentless Beachcomber

Not many people have the chance to go beach combing as often as they would like, we usually do this occasionally while on a short vacation. I’ve now had three months when I can go beach combing almost as often as I like. I can collect anything I find, with the understanding that at the end of our stay it will all be returned to the ocean. Not entirely, I’m keeping the tiny bottle I purchased at a flea market that I have been filling with tiny pieces of glass that we collect from the beach.

beach glass bottle8.21.15-021

I will surely keep an abalone shell even if I have to send it to myself at the storage unit. I will have fun during our last week here putting abalone and sea glass bits back into the water.


8.6.15 Abalone -sn

We’ve branched out (ha ha) into driftwood lately–many beaches don’t have much abalone or glass. Here are some of the pieces that I haven’t incorporated into hangings or windchimes.

8.21.15 driftwood

I have pieces hung around the house.

8.11.15 home decor-003


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