Ohio wildlife

We don’t always get the best wildlife photos. Today we missed the fawn leaping across the road. Other days, as I fumbled for my camera, the young fox stared at us, turned away, and bounded into the bushes. Jonathan saw a badger peeping at us over the top of a mound of dirt. By the time I looked, it was gone. There’s lots of wildlife in Ohio, I just can’t quite get my camera lens on it all.

On the other hand, some wildlife freezes when it sees you, and then we get a shot, like a squirrel in a tree, or the cute toad that I held for long enough to take its picture. So cute, in a tiny toad sort of way. A week or so later, we found even tinier toads hopping around in the Peet Camp park.

Birdwatching has been good here, with lots of colorful birds visiting our bird feeder, like goldfinches, cardinals, and orioles. I had to take down our oriole feeder because the squirrel learned that though he couldn’t get into our squirrel-proof feeder full of seeds, he could put his face right into the jelly in the oriole feeder, and once that was gone, he could eat the oranges for dessert. I was worried he’d become diabetic! lol.

I was surprised to find bald eagles are relatively common along the shore of Lake Erie, fishing, and eating fish. They perch on stone jetties, or in the trees. We occasionally see them overhead, patrolling for a snack, their white heads and tails showing they are not the more common turkey vulture.

Nature has given us a good month.


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