Welcome to Sicily

We just moved to our October home, a house outside the town of Sciacca, Sicily. We were met by our host Stefania and her mother, who showed us around and helped us get settled. Our flight from Naples to Palermo was delayed two hours, so we were later arriving than we’d planned, but they were not at all put out about it, and had even fixed dinner for us, knowing that stores would be closed by the time we arrived on Sunday evening.

Our new house is charming, the accumulation of a family that has stayed here during summer vacations for many years. There is wonderful majolica, lots of rocks picked up from the beach, and driftwood sculpture. The kitchen has stacks of pots and pans and enough plates for an army. It does not have counter space, but we will make do. the view to the ocean is beautiful and there are terraces on both floors. Here are some photos.

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