New Artwork on the Wall

We wanted to make another guest room more attractive because we are having both daughters visit over Christmas. If Amanda and Jimmy take the suite, Lyra would be left with an unimproved space. The ceilings are so high that it is difficult to get artwork big enough to fill the wall. 11-18-16-wave-pattern-002

I designed a patchwork wave that was going to be made of mantas cut in quarters and hemmed into squares. My problem was that I would end up putting a lot of nails in the wall to put it up.

Help was needed! My friend Leila Wilson came over to give me artistic consultation. Leila is a ball of energy and loves to paint. She decided–and I completely agreed!–that it would be more fun to create a mural on the wall. Taking off from the wave theme, she sketched a scene of waves and the beach and started painting. I even got to help a little bit. (I’m behind the ladder.)

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When we get the rest of the room organized, I’ll post the entire new space, but we have to wait until the wiring is replaced and the patches in the wall from the new connections get plastered and painted. It won’t be long. Didn’t she do a great job?


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