A Clootie Well

What? A clootie well is a natural water source believed to have special powers. Visitors dip a scrap of cloth in the water. The well is at the bottom of this photo, with a cup:10-2-16-munlachy-clootie-well-004sm

There is some difference of opinion as to whether one bathes with the wet cloth, or makes a wish, or drinks water from the well, but in the end, you hang your scrap, or “clootie” in a nearby tree. I didn’t expect rags to be tied in so many trees over such a large area. It’s a bit eerie. This well is on Scottish Forestry Commission land in Munlochy.

I first read about a clootie well in a novel by Erin Hart set in Ireland. More recently Ian Rankin used this clootie well in Munlochy in his mystery, The Naming of the Dead. Our strange field trip was on our last day in Invergordon. I’ll post a few general comments about Scotland as my farewell to three very enjoyable months here.


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