The Stewartry Show

We jumped right in to life in southern Scotland. During August, every town and region holds an agricultural show and a town fair. We went to the Stewartry (historically, a region within what is now Dumfries and Galloway) show, and watched animal judging

8.4.16 Stewartry Show-011A woman I spoke to said “Are you here for the congress?” “What congress?,” I asked. “The Galloway Cattle World Congress.” “Er, no, just visiting,” was my lame reply. Later I figured out that these animals are Belted Galloway cattle, one of the subjects of the world congress.


There were other huge animals on display.

After touring booths of agricultural machinery, tents of crafts, flowers, carved walking sticks, and lots of food, we ended our day with the puppy judging. Too cute.

After our eager visit to the Stewartry show, we found out the Dumfries show is this weekend, followed by several others. We may have seen enough sheep in a single show to last all month.


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