Me and my Warby Parkers are off and away

I wanted to say that for a while (see my Facebook for the actual eyeglasses). Accuracy demands that I note it’s not just me and my attractive eyewear, but also Jonathan (beloved and chef), two or three large suitcases, carry-ons and much paperwork clutched in our slightly nervous hands. Last year was easy, everyone spoke something we speak. This year is different, definitely out of our comfort zone, though we’re looking forward to all our stops, starting with the US and then Morocco.

We said goodbye to all our friends in Barranca. Most people were packing up to return to Lima this weekend because the school year starts on Tuesday, though there was some complaining that it was too hot to go back to school when the beach is still much nicer than the city. This reminds me of our annual lament in Wheaton that the pool closes before Labor Day even though it is still plenty hot enough to swim. It doesn’t matter where you live, no one wants summer to end. We have the advantage of following spring for a while.

20160226_100200smI love these guys with their yellow feet and ducktail hairdos. They’ll still be fishing along the shore when I get back in November. In the meantime, I’ll be posting about our travels. I hope you’ll keep reading!

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I am a retired archaeologist and I like to travel, especially to places where you can walk along the shore or watch birds. My husband Jonathan and I travel for more than half the year every year, seeing all the places that we haven't gotten to yet.

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