My favorite beachcombing

The weather has been hot and humid. Sorry, all of you freezing in the north, but it has finally gotten uncomfortably hot so that going in the ocean almost every day becomes important, as does the fan. We all suffer as we must (smirk). We went on an expedition to the beach at Medio Mundo, my favorite for beach combing. I don’t know why there are so few visitors and so many dead things, but it results in great beach combing and I love that. We took Rufo for his first trip outside, stopping to buy him a leash. He ran around like mad and then jumped back in the truck.

1.25.16 Rufo at Medio Mundo

He then jumped out and ran around like crazy until he was so tired that he drank water and sat under the truck in the shade. We couldn’t get him onto the beach because the sand was too hot on his paws.



Maybe that was just as well. We watched flocks of birds, several kinds of gulls, cormorants, Inca terns, skimmers, pelicans. There were thousands of them fishing and sitting on the beach.

There were four vultures sitting on top of a dead dolphin.

There were baby oystercatchers crouched in the pitiful shade of a broken bucket. Apparently, this is how they are raised. The last time we were at Medio Mundo we saw a slightly larger oystercatcher sitting on a chunk of plastic. Their nests are just a flat spot in the sand so the parents seem to put the babies near objects as a sort of camouflage. The babies play dead when anything comes by. It makes them easy to photograph.

Last but not least was my great find. I found a whale bone!1.27.16-002sm 1.27.16-004sm


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