Magical Realism? July 20, 2015

Did you know that redwoods grow more successfully from sprouts that form around the base of a tree, utilizing the nutrients and root system of a mature tree? When the parent tree dies, a new generation of trees rise, creating a circle of trees that are often called fairy rings (Wikipedia).

We hiked in a loop from the Pygmy Forest to Little River and back, all park of Van Damme State Park. It was magical scenery.

7.20.15-012 7.20.15-011

We stopped for lunch about 2/3 of the way along the trail, and sat on a log near a waterfall.


Some of the ferns would make a decorator green–with envy. How could you get a wall of moss to grow like this away from the forest?


So green…


Our path along the river was not a trail along the banks of a broad stream, but a series of bridges that crossed back and forth across a smallish trickle. Considering that we are in California, it looked pretty extensive.


We took some time to play Pooh sticks (look it up if you have to).


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