We left Twin Falls, Idaho, crossed that beautiful country and stayed overnight at the Nugget Casino in Reno, NV (June 6). The Casino was not particularly inviting, especially considering I don’t ordinarily gamble.  Too much smoke.

6.6.15 Reno

We had a nice dinner at the oyster bar, however, and the room was a bargain compared to anything else in the area. In the morning we headed out, stopping to look out over the landscape. It was shocking to see that Washoe Lake is empty. It still appears blue, a regular lake, on the map, yet it is a black blot, not even marshy. Anyone who thinks the decrease in water in California isn’t serious should drive out and have a look.

Washoe Lake is empty.
Washoe Lake is empty.

We continued on to Lake Tahoe to see some of the shore that once belonged to the Haas family. It is too bad that the land was sold long ago–the shore of the lake is very beautiful. The area is popular in the summer and reminds me a lot of Lake George when we visited in the summer. Lots of motels, watersports, and traffic.

6.6.15 Lake Tahoe CA

We stopped at the museum in Tahoe City to see the basket collection. There were some wonderful items. Some of the baskets were decorated with tiny black feathers, quail topknots. There used to be a lot…..of quail, considering the number of these tiny feathers around all those baskets. We ate our picnic lunch outside the museum.

6.6.15 Lake Tahoe CA-003

By the end of the day we made it as far as Petaluma.




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