Fabulous Nebraska



Driving across Nebraska on this sunny, cool day, we crossed lots and lots of open land, some farm fields, some grazing land with cows everywhere. Our destination was Alliance, NE and CARHENGE!


It looks a bit like Stonehenge from a distance, but from up close it’s a car collection, spray painted gray, welded, wedged and hammered together.


An intriguing fact makes visiting Carhenge in late May an excellent idea. The structures are used by all kinds of birds to build their nests. The metal frames provide shelter and at this time of year, the chicks have hatched and are peeping like crazy and the parents fly back and forth constantly to feed them. Carhenge seems alive with birds among the autos.


Some other sculptures have been donated to the site and this struck me as one of the best–Leaping Salmon.


Here’s our selfie of the day.

We had a good dinner at Ken and Daves’ on 3rd St. It was prime rib night….



Published by winifredcreamer

I am a retired archaeologist and I like to travel, especially to places where you can walk along the shore or watch birds. My husband Jonathan and I travel for more than half the year every year, seeing all the places that we haven't gotten to yet.

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