Semana Santa 2015

Semana Santa, Easter week, is one of the busiest holiday weeks of the year. Barranca is filling up with visitors. This gives us a chance to see our friends from Lima one more time before we leave for the US in two weeks. The weather is still warm, though maybe not quite warm enough to swim.

Our new puppy and future guard dog, Cleopatra, is gaining confidence.Cleo on beach

Our daily schedule changes slightly during a week this crowded. We walk down the beach and back earlier in the day rather than our usual 5 pm to avoid crowds.

We still bring out the armchairs on the front porch at 6 pm to watch the sunset. This week we add an extra chair because there is always someone passing by who can be tempted to sit for a few minutes and chat during the ever changing sunset and afterglow in the clouds.

Sunset's afterglow on the beach in Barranca, Holy Thursday,  2015.
Sunset’s afterglow on the beach in Barranca, Holy Thursday, April 2, 2015.

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