Buenos Aires has many sides, Jan 10, 2015

Buenos Aires is constantly changing. As in other cities, older buildings of 2-3 stories are being replaced with new ones that are 10-20 stories tall.


The Argentine eoonomy relies on ranching, while farming is not as strong a tradition. We have found very few markets of the type that are present in every Peruvian town, a central place with stalls that sell meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. In our Boedo neighborhood, we found the market, though very little of it seems to be still in use for selling food:


P1040183smPerhaps more discomfiting than anything else is that everyone in Argentina looks like everyone in the US. A concerted campaign to exterminate native people that began in 1870 was largely successful, and as a result, most Argentines are descendants of Europeans, as are many people in the US.

QED: We all look alike.

Next question–why do many Americans have much easier lives than many Argentines?



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