Man vs Nature: Nature 1 Man 0


Southern Blackbirds create a big, liquid sound. They also like to tap at reflections in mirrors and window panes, and sing to them, which is how we ended up with a blackbird sitting on our window sill, singing its loudest, starting at 5:30 am. It would not be shooed away. After all, we already covered the external mirror on the car with a plastic bag so that the bird(s) would not perch there to admire themselves and leave drips. Jonathan created a mobile of old cds that seems to have worked in keeping the bird away. The blackbirds still sing, but not quite so nearby.

Published by winifredcreamer

I am a retired archaeologist and I like to travel, especially to places where you can walk along the shore or watch birds. My husband Jonathan and I travel for more than half the year every year, seeing all the places that we haven't gotten to yet.

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