Retirement = Full time travel

We’re on our sixth year of retirement travel, visiting places that we haven’t been to before. We began in northern California, followed by Barcelona, Morocco (Sidi Ifni, Oualidia, Fez), Portugal (Sesimbra), northern Norway (Tjeldoya), Scotland (Edinburgh, Dalbeattie, Invergordon, Orkney), and in 2017 we added Italy (Rome; Venice; Florence; Salerno; Sciacca, Sicily) and Ireland (Dingle, Bundoran). In 2018 we traveled around South America stopping in Ecuador, Colombia, and Aruba, as well as taking in new places in Peru like Ayacucho and Peru’s north coast. During 2019 we spent two months in New Zealand and six months in Australia. 2020 was scheduled for Greece, Vienna, England, and Croatia. After we got to the US just before the Covid lockdowns, we spent time in Lombard, IL, Ohio, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana. Now we are waiting out the pandemic in Pacific Grove, CA. Normally, we spend our winters (November-March) in Peru, but not in 2020-21. If you have a comment based on your own travels, we’d like to hear it, we can compare notes as we go.

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