About Me

I’m a retired archaeologist, now traveling to the places I didn’t get to while I was working and raising a family. My husband and I spend part of the year on the coast of Peru in the house that was our research station. The rest of the time we make our way around the world. We try to stay a month at a time in each stop, though occasionally we go with two weeks. We’ve found that we would rather pass up a few of the sights on “Top Ten” lists and get to know a region a bit, do some shopping, walking, birdwatching and beachcombing. We haven’t been disappointed yet, though sometimes we think about staying even longer. Our two month stay in Barcelona was an unhurried pleasure.

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wcreamer151@gmail.com or comment on any blog post: Llywindatravels.com

I’m also on Facebook and Instagram (@sandlarking).

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