This week Eureka ≈ Ireland

  • The more you travel outside the US, the more you find elements of other countries here at home.

This week, as the rest of the country stayed very warm, Eureka was largely overcast and quite cool, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. The sun came out occasionally in the afternoon, but it was jacket weather. It reminded us both of Ireland.

Plants love to be under the mist. Like Ireland, there are bushes entirely covered with primroses, all kinds of flowers in gardens, and the (invasive) blackberries will be ripe in a week or two. This is similar to our impression of Dingle, Ireland, where we made blackberry jam and took lots of long walks.

The beach here is similar to Ireland, as well. Today we went to Manila Dunes, where in a light mist, there were only a few other people in the distance. We walked and beach combed, not finding much other than a beach toy and a big clam shell. No matter, it was good to be outside enjoying the day.

We’ve just finished our first full month in Eureka, and we like it here. Our rental home is comfortable, the neighborhood is interesting, and definitely on an upswing. We’ve met a couple of the neighbors, and are taking walks to get the lay of the land. It will take some time for us to become part of the community.

We are among the ever-smaller group of people who have never had Covid. We still wear masks when indoors, and we avoid crowds, apart from the farmers market. Our Audubon walk was enjoyable, and we’ll keep going out with them, but we don’t envision much indoor fun for a while yet.

We look forward to getting more settled and exploring more of the coast. We’re already getting used to ignoring the rain unless its a downpour.


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